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Show Director : Arjun Vilayadisheril


Sudha Chandran


Poornima Indrajith


Rajisha Vijayan

Ugram Ujjwalam is a unique fun filled talent show, aired on Mazhavil Manorama. Reality shows are mostly based around music, dance or acting. But what if all of it is on the same show? Ugram Ujjwalam is such a multi-faceted talent show. The concept and journey of the show is what makes it unique. It is for the first time on Malayalam television that an adventurous show has happened. And thus aptly goes the tag-line- 'survival of the fittest'.

The program aims to showcase the talents of the selected contestants and eventually find the outstanding talent of the season. The show features all sorts of talents from all sectors - national and international. The format and content of Ugram Ujjwalam is different from the general talent reality shows. The participants need not be necessarily a Malayali and this factor makes the show stand out from other Malayalam reality competitions. Ugram Ujjwalam does not restrict just one particular talent. There is no language or age barrier for participants. The show is a platform for the talented ones with a broader vision.

The competition does not happen between the participants, rather it happens within each participant. It is easy to find a talented dancer or singer or actor. But, it is not very often that we come across people who excel in more than one skill and the show aims to find out the most unique and challenging act of them all. Ugram Ujjwalam enhances a different kind of positive energy - prompting everyone to respect individuals who take risks in their life. The show has bagged National TV copyright for it's format.

Anchor- dancer- fashion Designer Poornima Indrajith, actor- director Bala, actor-dancer Sudha Chandran are the judges of the show. The show is anchored by Rajisha Vijayan

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