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Onnum Onnum moonu


Show Directors : Yamuna S.M, Jenson Zachariah

Anchor : Rimi Tomi

Onnum Onnum Moonnu is a fun chat show aired on Mazhavil Manorama. The show is hosted by singer-anchor-actress Rimi Tomi. The show invites celebrities from various sectors. The celebs share their experience and participate in fun games, activities and quiz. They share little secrets from their lives as well.

Unlike other celeb chat shows, Onnum Onnum Moonu maintains its uniqueness through its informal presentation and interaction style between the anchor and the guests. Celebs feel at ease at the casual atmosphere of the studio and loosen up any inhibitions they have when they engage in the games and other activities. Rimi' s presentation style, her quirky comments and comic timing are much admired by the Malayali audience.

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