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mangalyapattu 1440 x495


Director- Faizal Adimaly

Producer- Keerthy and Vishnu

Banner- Travancore Advertisers

Story- S.K Sabeena

Script- Arun Nellanath

Mangalyapattu is a new fiction produced by Keerthy and Vishnu under the popular banner Travancore Advertisers. Mangalyapattu is a story of a village girl, Myna, whose family relied on weaving for their livelihood. The story sheds light on the struggles, hardships and dreams of a mediocre weaver family and also brings out the flamboyance of the competitive textile industry.


Myna is the sole bread-winner of the family of four, consisting of her father Achuthan, her two siblings Abhirami and Kannan and her grandmother. Being the eldest of the three, Myna took upon her young shoulders the burden of the family. She is working as a sales girl at a leading textile shop in the city. The story unfolds when Achu decide to takeup the order to weave a 'Mangalyapattu' worth five lakh.

Lead Actors
Maina- Rini Raj Achudan- Rudra Pradap Menaka- Charmila Mohan- Dileep Shankar Roobi- Akshara Ranjith- Richard Rajan Kartha- Jagannatha Varma


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