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Banner : Sauparnika Creations

Director : Mohan Kupleri

Script writer : Sangeetha Mohan

Athmasakhi is a new fiction produced by Shobana Umadharan under the popular banner Sauparnika Creations. Directed by Mohan Kupleri ; The director who already proved his skills in the malayalam film industry. The script is written by cine - serial actress Sangeetha Mohan. Athmasakhi is all about a quadrilateral love story.  


Manimuttam family consists of Madhava Menon, his wife Arundathi and two daughters. Nanditha, the elder one, and Niya the younger one. Madhava Menon is a prominent personality, and successful business person. His reputation is not only about being a rich business man, but also about being a benevolent person as he is. Arundathi is a lovely character. She is the light of Manimuttam household. 

Sathyajith IPS, who is as of now the City Police Commissioner of Trivandrum is another important Manimuttam family member. He is actually Madhava Menon's adopted son. At a very young age, Sathyajith was bought into the Manimuttam family. He was loved and treated as a member of that family. 

  Arundathi and Madhava menon considered Sathyajith as their elder son. Niya also considered him as her elder brother. But when the childhood passes Nanditha and Sathyajith will fall in love with each other. They will dreamout their future life together. They were waiting for the right time to open up the matters to Madhava Menon and Arundathi. 

But the story takes a complicated turn with the entry of Charulatha. Charulatha is a stranger who comes in search of Manimuttam homestead.  


1.  Manoj Paravoor

2.  Beena Antony

3. Reyjan

4. Avanthika Mohan

5. Sreeraksha 

6. Sanjay


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