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Indulekha! A poor 22 yr old normal girl who has a living by selling milk! Born to the sole daughter of affluent Shenoy family, she was abandoned by the family at birth! Now being adopted by some other family, she lives with them and survives by selling milk to the neighbourhood on a day to day basis.


Suddenly one day her fortunes changed. The engagement of the sole son of the same family’s current head Mr Shenoy( Indulekha’s maternal uncle) got cancelled due to issues with horoscope. According to the astrologer who examined Shenoy’s son’s horoscope, the very first bride will die miserably within 6 months of tying the knot. The shrewd Shenoy then decided to search for a financially poor girl for their son after temporarily holding the marriage with the rich girl.


Now It was Indulekha who was chosen by Shenoy for the purpose and entered the Shenoy family as the daughter-in law. Without knowing that it was her own mother who was enslaved by the elder Shenoy, she started her new chapter of life in the same house with her actual mother. Time passed by and nothing happened to Indulekha even after 6 months. Shenoy got worried and summoned the same astrologer who realized that prediction went wrong due to incorrect birth time given and this was a shock to Shenoy. The astrologer also realized that Indulekha’s horoscope is a lucky one and this further frustrates Shenoy. He now wanted to get rid of Indulekha at any cost and her life again takes turned further miserable.


Indulekha’s story now continues without her realizing that she was the actual heir to all the family’s fortunes but have to rely only on the thali on her neck………………. And the turbulent days are yet to come…………………..


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